Atlanta Crashpad

Crew House Rules
Cleanliness:  Cleanliness You will be responsible for changing your own linens at least once per month & keeping your sleeping area clean and neat in appearance as well as the bathroom and all other areas of the house. The crew house will be cleaned regularly (not dishes) but please assist by cleaning your own mess.  Clean and dry your kitchenware and cookware immediately (including stove and/or microwave).  Do not leave dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  Keep the community areas clean and orderly.  
Private Sleeping Assignments:  Priority for Private Quarters will be on a first come first serve basis Based on seniority to my longest House Guests.  Please straighten your sleeping area and stow your gear when you leave the crew house.  No personal items or clothing should be in view. 
Food:  Food arrangements are your responsibility. Storage and sharing of food is strictly between individual agreements with other crewmembers. Non-perishable foods may be stored in your locker or any foods in the pantry. Please use a sharpie pen to write your name and the date on any foods in the fridge/freezer. Refrigerator will be cleaned out periodically, non- factory sealed items in refrigerator older than 14 days or missing a date are subject to the trash.
Linens:  You will be provided with one set of linens. You are responsible for keeping them clean and orderly.
Maintenance:  If you become aware of any maintenance need in the crew house, please contact me by email at: or if urgent by cell phone 404-543-7172 and I will take care of it as quickly as possible. Please take a minute or two to familiarize your self with where the Fire extinguishers (Kitchen, Basement, and Garage) water, gas, and electrical cutoffs are. If it is an emergency, of course call 911.

CO2 & Smoke detectors: Tampering with or disabling any smoke detector is unlawful & strictly prohibited. Atlanta Crashpad Properties LLC. will change batteries every 6 months. 
Smoking:  Absolutely NO SMOKING INSIDE THE HOUSE; Smoking is allowed ONLY OUTSIDE the crew house.  Please use the disposal pails for cigarette butts if you plan to smoke.
Fireplace:  Use of the fireplace is Not allowed.
Quiet Hours:  After 10 PM please respect your fellow crewmembers need for rest. Each room has an IN/OUT door hanger. Please use this to let your house mates know when you are there so they can try to be quiet.
Crashpad Access and safety: Do not under any circumstance leave any door or window propped open or unlocked.  ALWAYS LOCK THE FRONT (any) DOOR if YOU GO THROUGH IT.
Air Condition & Heat: Do not change the setting on the programmable thermostat. A temperature range of 67 f (winter) to 71 f (summer) will be established between the hours of 7 P.M.-7 A.M. (prime sleeping hours).Blankets will be provided.   

Common Courtesy: Please treat others as well as the property as you would like to be treated. Be respectful & it will be a great pad for you and the others whom share it with you.